Thursday, August 09, 2007


A lot of people write us and say, "hey, State Street, what's the scoop on you, dude? What kind of mood are you in?" Well our mood on this gray sultry summer day is captured in a poem from Sam Hamill's stunning and magnificent translation of ancient Chinese poetry contained in Crossing the Yellow River.

Drinking All Night, Sleeping All Day

Rosy from wine, she rises
as light rises in the east.

Her sash is half untied.
The stars are fading.

From the garden, crows caw,
"Drunken princess!"

Flowers bend under heavy dew.
She draws her morning water

with a windlass of jade
and a rope of hand-tied silk.

Her face is powdered,
but still flushed faintly purple.

Drinking all night, sleeping all day,
she hasn't a care in the world.

Behind silk curtains, she sleeps
like an emperor's daughter.

Li Ho (791-817)

the dude will abide.


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