Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Desire: the voyage

I meet people who yearn for someone new or different in their lives. Yet when they find the new person and the new person confronts them, they return to the established way. It is as if they want to sail across the ocean, yet they cannot step aboard the ship taking them out to sea.

I wonder how many people repeat this endless cycle of yearning and desire. I wonder if the desire itself is self-fulfilling and meets a real emotional need and goal—desiring for the sake of desiring.

Then there are those who never venture to the shore even though they live in a wasteland that destroys any chance they have for happiness and well-being. They cling to the memory of the person who has abandoned them. What does one say to this sort of person when one chances upon them? They are deaf. What does one do to help them? They do not process rational argument. How does one steer them from misguided passions? Their stubborn misguided passions are self-fulfilling—passion for the sake of passion.

I know these are all surface level observations. I wish I possessed the requisite curiosity and energy to pursue these reflections further. I doubt if I do.


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