Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Who is the dupe?

The results of the Iraq Occupation came out exactly the opposite the Bush Administration desired. Let’s briefly review some of them.

Terrorism: Iraq is the new recruiting and training ground for al Qaeda. Getting them out will be near impossible.

Democracy: The Iraqi government is a hostage in the Green Zone. The only forces in Iraq who care about protecting them are U.S. troops. The chance for democracy in Iraq is gone.

Thriving Economy: The Iraq economy is shattered even though it sits on top of one the world’s great oil reserves. The middle class has fled the country. Nobody cares about the so-called wonders of free markets when there are no electricity, water, or health services. Unless you are in the defense or security business, you will not invest there, and maybe, not even then.

Peace and Security: Sectarian violence reigns supreme.

Yet none of the failed policies and strategies has changed. The Bush gang will try the experiment all over again given the chance. One cannot excuse a failed ideology by claiming the goals were well intentioned.

One of the favored strategies of some on the right is to discredit leftists by charging them with supporting dictatorships or at a minimum being dupes of dictatorships. However, supporting dictators sympathetic with U.S. interests has never been much of a problem for them.

The charge of being a dupe irritates the most. In light of Iraq, who is the dupe?


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