Thursday, May 17, 2007

Presidential Election 2008: special State Street betting edition

As you well know, we do it at State Street so you don’t have to.

Here are some of the more interesting odds on the 2008 Presidential election at my Internet sports bookie.

Rick Santorum 80-1, good grief! Don’t sell your Bibles just yet. It could be the law of the land.

Alberto Gonzalez 100-1, come on, baby, tap my wire.

George W. Bush 200-1, isn’t that illegal? Maybe, there will be a Presidential signing order changing it.

Bill Clinton, 300-1, if Dubya can run, then why not Bill?

Laura Bush 500-1, can she keep George corralled on the ranch?

Bill O’Reilly 750-1, he’s been leading some people by the nose for years. He’s certainly qualified.

Michael Moore 1000-1, he can make a movie, Burnin’ Down the House.

Pat Robertson 2000-1, Michael Moore has more betting action than he. He must be livid.


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