Sunday, May 20, 2007

Baseball, Romance, and God: this weekend's edition

I have been busy this weekend watching baseball, performing an amateur psychological analysis on the personality of a woman I know, and thinking about the nonexistence of god in light of all those people who still believe in god.

The Cubs have taken two games from the White Sox so far this weekend. I am a Cubs fan; thus, I am happy about that, while admitting that the White Sox have self destructed in the late innings of both games.

As far as the amateur psychological analysis goes, its origin begins with a certain woman who has rejected my advances, even though she admits I am cute, smart, and at times kind of fun. My original take is that she a person of low self-esteem who feels she is not worthy of my attentions, but that, upon reflection, seems a little harsh and mean-spirited on my part. Fortunately, it does not matter, for I tend not to dwell these days on women who will not have me. I am a geezer; life is short. Part of the fun of the chase is to test limits and possibilities rather than set high expectations for success. The chase was, in general, fun although frustrating at times. Yet I am lucky in that I still consider myself custom made from head to toe even though that alone will not always carry the day. One must always take into account the other person’s desires, limitations, etc. when it comes to romance or sex. In particular, one should think no less of a very nice person no matter what the outcome.

Militant atheism is much on my mind these days. In what cases should a skeptic be militant or passive based on a belief that religion seems to arise naturally in humans? I do not feel that persuasive argumentation converts many from a belief in god. As I have said before, it is not that kind of thing. This means conditions must be put in place to prevent the spread of the more virulent and destructive forms of fundamentalism and dogmatism. Does secularism by itself provide the prophylactic? The answer most likely is no—not by itself. A combination of persuasive argumentation at its best, secularism, and a new rhetoric designed to create a passionate and meaningful humanist spirituality is necessary.

Oh well, the day moves on rather quickly and I will devote it to watching today’s Cubs vs. White Sox game and hanging out with some out of town friends, which is always has a very interesting dynamic creating interesting situations.

“Win or lose, after game, we all go out and eat pizza.” Or in my case get a little shit-faced.


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