Friday, January 26, 2007

Breaking through

The sun is up. Already bored with writing and doing laundry, I pick up Wittgenstein’s Culture and Value. I run into this.

Each morning you have to break through the dead rubble afresh so as to reach the living warm seed.

My first thought is darn he is probably correct about that. My next thought is that Word grammar check does not like the grammar in the citation. It thinks he should have substituted ‘to’ for ‘so as to’. I like the Word recommendation better after I think about it.

However, Wittgenstein wrote the sentence so even its style must have some incredible metaphysical import I am missing. I ponder what other matters of incredible import I am unaware. I cannot think of any although I feel there must be some.


At 10:57 AM, Anonymous Rhea said...

Ohhh, I like this. You go from doing laundry to reading Wittgenstein.


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