Sunday, January 21, 2007

Oh, for a period

Dear Everybody,

We have a problem with the mighty State Street computer. The period key on our computer keyboard does not work. We know what you are thinking. Holy shit, State Street, what are you going to do now? As you may have already guessed, we have a work around.

Even though we have not dumped a single beer or dropped a single drop of whiskey into the keyboard these past several years, we think that we have dropped too many pizza crumbs into it, and that is the problem.

We were thinking about taking the keyboard out of the computer tomorrow and blowing the shit from under the keys. However, as you well know, it is the Bears vs. Saints game tomorrow. You can also well imagine we have some money on the game and the Pats/Colts game too, so our concentration might not be all we would hope.

Sunday is never a good day to get your shit together anyway. We at State Street should really wait until Monday to fix our keyboard when we will be less shit faced than we will be tomorrow after watching football.


State Street

P.S. We also have Man U. vs. Arsenal tomorrow morning CST. We rest our case.


At 10:09 AM, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

If all else fails, I think keyboards are pretty inexpensive. Okay so keyboards aren't pretty, but they're fairly inexpensive.


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