Thursday, January 18, 2007

It ain't over, or at least it shouldn't be

Now that the Bush Administration does not completely control the U. S. Congress, we have this strange reversal on domestic spying as reported in the NYT:

The Bush administration, in a surprise reversal, said on Wednesday that it had agreed to give a secret court jurisdiction over the National Security Agency’s wiretapping program and would end its practice of eavesdropping without warrants on Americans suspected of ties to terrorists.
The article goes on to report that things are not quite that simple.

What is simple is that the new Congress will most likely demand information from the White House as to what they have been doing. That information could show that the Bush Administration has been engaging in illegal activities.

Beyond that, the information could show that they have been conducting illegal surveillance on those opposed to the Iraq conflagration.

The new move seems to get surveillance back under the umbrella of FISA. Check that umbrella to see if it has any holes in it.


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