Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cheap and frivolous entertainment

We find our delights in odd places and about matters that are vain or of little consequence. Such is the delight in watching the Republicans scramble to find an appropriate message on Iraq. They will no longer mention, “stay the course,” between now and election time.

At my local bar, the Iraq occupation has had an odd history. First, it went from a topic exciting the passions either for or against it. Then it was something not mentioned in polite society. Now, people discuss it openly, and people never venture kind words about how it is going. It warms my heart each time I hear someone dump on the Iraq situation. The more I hear it, the more I hope a majority of the people will finally hold the Bush Administration and Congress accountable for the disaster and its resolution.

Along with the change in attitudes about Iraq, I am also enjoying the prospect of the outside chance that the Democrats might win back one or more houses of Congress. This enjoyment does not arise from any belief that the Democrats will change things. Their complicity in bringing public affairs to a low estate does not allow any confidence in their abilities to put things right. However, watching those in power negotiate a precarious position does provide fun despite its being cheap and frivolous entertainment that will soon pass when Congress returns to conducting business as usual.

Despite my gloomy attitude about American politics in general, it would help if a few people such as Senator Santorum no longer graced the Senate.


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