Tuesday, September 19, 2006

From big to small

Let us start big, then work our way down to what is small and fragmentary. Let us not waste too many words arguing or explaining.

The concept of god is dead. The concept of god no longer organizes worldviews and lives as it once did. St. Thomas Aquinas and Dante were the last to unify metaphysics and morals within the concept of god.

Renaissance, the nation state, scientific revolution, enlightenment, capitalism/communism, and technology have fractured and fragmented all unifying and totalizing worldviews even as they have sought to unify and totalize reality.

I search for truth and goodness rather than Truth and Goodness. The boundaries surrounding my certainty have shrunk.

My propositions are fragmentary attempts at explanation.

I think in fragments. The Canon serves as background, not foreground.

The sheer number of things about which I am curious forces me to think in fragments. I have no time for dallying across whole oeuvres.

The words I write are fragments.

I am a fragment doing the fragmentary.


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