Friday, September 15, 2006

Degrees of certainty

I read three blog entries this past week that I enjoyed and found interesting. Here are their opening statements/questions.

Jodi writes of Theory and the Man at Long Sunday.
Why is it that even the most post of the posties end up caught up in adulation of or resistance to single great thinkers? Why is the hold of a Master so strong even after decades upon decades of critiques of the subject, of agency, of originality, of individuality, of authenticity? Is it precisely because of these critiques? That answer seems too easy.

Sinthome writes of Philosophical Despair at Larval Subjects.
Periodically I go through a sort of crisis point in my thinking where everything I've been working on suddenly seems to fall apart, where I lose the thread of where I'm going, and suddenly I experience myself as detached from all that I'm doing.

Curtis at Empty Rhetoric writes of Perspectives as part of his ongoing project to interrogate the shrillness and divisiveness American political discourse.
The current debate over what constitutes fascism, and the war of words that has erupted over it is endemic of a wider clash of philosophical and political perspectives based on differing assumptions as to the 1)scope, the 2)motivations, and 3)goal of militant Islamic sects in the Middle East.

I will not comment on these articles because they elicit feelings I cannot describe, at least not at this point. I suppose my failure relates to my uncertainty about propositions I keep telling myself I hold dear.


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