Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sweet, Sweet Ann $$$$

Sonny it's money that matters, hear what I say
It's money that matters in the USA
It's money that matters
Now you know that it's true
It's money that matters whatever you do

Randy Newman, It's Money That Matters

Ann Coulter has a new book out. I see where it has zoomed to the number 2 position on Amazon's bestselling general politics list. Ann's books are money making machines.

I've never read one of her books. On the other hand, the only Michael Moore movie I've seen is Roger and Me. (Yes, I thought it was cute.)

From the buzz, I am led to believe Ann's new book documents how liberals killed Jesus. I always heard it was the Romans or the Jews. I need to get out more often.

I doubt Ann believes all the things she writes. Why should she care? She's making lots of dough doing her thing.


At 9:19 AM, Blogger -epm said...

I always heard it was the Romans or the Jews

No, apparently it was the liberals. Specifically gay and lesbian liberals who believe in God, but hate him anyway.

I've only been able to read through excerpts of Ann's books. Not because I have a problem reading material with which I disagree, but that I have a problem with unsupported and unsubstantiated rants... no matter what political opinions they espouse.

The difference between Ann Coulter and Al Franken, for example, is that Franken refers to a particular political issue, what politicians actually said and did and how they voted, and then he rails against that. Ann, on the other hand, just makes shit up and claims it to be the belief of "Liberals." She then rails against her own imaginary bogeyman. It's the straw-man rhetorical device taken to a new level... I believe mental health professionals refer to it as sociopathic.

But, as with "Political Science", Mr. Newman's biting observations apply most aptly.

At 9:29 AM, Blogger Lynn said...


The Ann Coulter phenomenon has fascinated me for awhile. Not because she is a conservative (one wonders if she really is), but because of the collective adreniline and money that fuels the incidiary phenomenon. I wonder if a phenomenon like that could be channeled for peaceful purposes. I suppose the adreniline factor would be missing when topics turn toward the mundane issues of how to make a better world.

At 6:18 PM, Blogger -epm said...

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At 6:20 PM, Blogger -epm said...

In some countries, cock fighting is a big money-making industry. Here, it's vile invective and angry, angry attacks on fellow Americans.


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