Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fall Elections

When it comes to politics and other related matters I am neither good at theory nor practice as you can tell. However, I must muddle through somehow. Being a leftist libertarian makes me doubt that my interests will ever be catered to by either the Democratic or Republican party.

The prospect of the Republicans losing one or both Congressional Houses, unthinkable less than two years ago, excites me. Thank you, President Bush, for making it happen. I don't expect much to change if the Democrats take control, but the facade of a countervailing power opposing Mr. Bush comforts me. One of the problems with living in a fool's paradise is that is harder to escape then what some people claim.

My political thinking has become very polarized since President Bush was elected in 2000. Thank you, Mr. Bush, for that because it has led me into areas of political theory I never thought I'd go. The exercise has been fruitful.

We have a government characterized by bad ideas and gross incompetence. That has been the net result of the 1994 Republican Contract with America. It should have been called the Contract for Some Americans.

Will things improve in '07? It will take a long time to fix what is broken and then start making progress again.


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