Friday, June 30, 2006

The Flag, Patriotism, and the Constitution

epm at Deertown Times tells us what chaps his ass raw with his Burns My Butt:
The other day I held up an American flag (3'X5' acrylic, made in China) and a copy of the Constitution of the United States. I threatened to burn only one. Guess which one most Washington politicians prefer I burn?

The irony is, the hollow patriots have no problem burning the same Constitution they were so keen to amend to prohibit the burning of a foreign manufactured symbol of American nationalism. I think that speaks volumes for where the priorities of this congress lie.

Meanwhile, Jodi at I cite says this about her lack of Patriotism:

Perhaps, then, my lack of patriotism is linked to a sense of a lack in the country, a split in it, a division and separation. Patriotism fills this in, prevents us from seeing it, prevents us from using it as a source of criticism and escape.

Once patriotism becomes merely another form of extortion, it is valueless.


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