Monday, February 13, 2006

The Ponies

Chicago has a lot of off track horse race gambling parlors. There's one a mile down State Street from where I live. I might start going to it one night a week to bet the ponies.

Strictly at the pocket change level mind you.

And I really have to get better at remembering to buy my $1 quick pick on the Mega-millions lottery twice weekly. Here is what I would do if I won the darned thing. I would buy a nice condo in downtown Chicago overlooking Lake Michigan. Nothing too fancy, but a place where I could have a decent room for my study and library. I'd buy a condo in Kauai too. Then I'd buy season tickets to the Cubs and White Sox so that I could go to a game everyday during the season. I'd spend the Spring and Summer in Chicago and the Winter in Kauai. That's all I really need. I don't want anything fancy like expensive cars or the other trappings of the wealthy.


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