Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Will a new love cure me of baseball fever?

I find it deplorable having nothing to write about except baseball. Nothing could be more insipid, boring, and banal. That’s where my mind’s at though. You are only fooling yourself if you think you can write about something that is not rolling around your conscious or unconscious mind.

Geez, I’ve caught baseball fever about the worst I have ever had it. The Cubs are playing a lot better. Even though they are a long shot to make the playoffs, the season is a lot more fun than last year when they were the worst team in baseball. The White Sox head in the opposite direction. Enough said about the White Sox.

Then there are the five fantasy leagues I am playing in. I have a chance at winning all five, so I must concentrate and work hard at them.

Along with that, I bought the hopelessly addictive baseball game Baseball Mogul last week. I have won the World Series several times with the Cubs as my team. I might apply for the Cubs General Manager position when they get new ownership after this season. I better get my interview suit expanded around the waist line.

I am sure my baseball obsession will pass. Maybe, I will meet the new love of my life this afternoon. She will cure me of baseball fever by fulfilling my every sexual fantasy and being very nice to me when we are not having sex.

P. S. The Cubs play at 11 AM Central time today in case you sleepy heads did not know.


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