Sunday, November 05, 2006

Spiritual Healing

I will make a prediction about Ted Haggard and his accuser Mike Jones. (I assume everyone has heard the news.) Yes, the sheer hypocrisy of Mr. Haggard is stunning because not only is he an Evangelical leader, but he is also a key political operative who has spent a great deal of time lobbying against same sex marriage. However, what will the future hold for Mr. Haggard and Mr. Jones?

Mr. Haggard has retreated somewhere for spiritual healing. I assume it is a place somewhat swank and well appointed. Mr. Jones, however, ought to be seeking the best legal counsel he can find before he worries about such matters as spiritual healing. Should the police press criminal charges in the case, they will go after Mr. Jones rather than Mr. Haggard.

The fallen rich and powerful usually get sanctuary somewhere nice after their sins. The fallen poor man finds spiritual healing, if at all, in jail. That is particularly the case when the poor man confronts power. (I mean fallen in the strictly legal sense.)

I predict that we have not quit the hypocrisy and injustice surrounding the Haggard/Jones case.


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