Thursday, August 31, 2006

Glenn Ford

I just found out that actor Glenn Ford died at age 90. He is one of those actors who played in the cowboy movies when I was a kid. But later in life I saw many of his other movies.

This is unfair to Mr. Ford. But my favorite movie of his is "Gilda." He put on a honey of a performance as the tough guy. Yet Rita Hayworth stole the show. That is the movie where she sang "Put the Blame on Mame Boys" at the end of the movie--one of the sexiest scenes of all time.

Yes, I have a crush on Rita Hayworth. More than a crush, actually. I think she is one of the most intriguing women who ever graced this earth. I am sure you will agree that is one of the most stupid thoughts anyone could have since she died when I was still a teen and she was a movie star and I have been shit all my life.

When I think of her I don't think about sex, at least not right away. I think about meeting her in a coffee shop and hitting it off with her. Then our lives evolve into this incredible romance that never dies.

Anyway, back to Mr. Ford. I have been watching his movies on TCM for awhile. In my youth I thought he was a "B" actor. Not anymore. I am fortunate I have seen his movies and his understated performances, which are more subtle than I imagined.


At 11:02 PM, Blogger Renegade Eye said...

Sonia had a good debate on that subject:

At 11:34 PM, Blogger Lynn said...

renegade eye,

I'm assuming you are referring to my last. I read Sonia's original post, but did not follow up on the comments. I just scanned the debate and found it interesting. Thanks for the pointer.

I think that one of the things that people forget is that environmental science has access to massive computing power, which can be used to model the environment, that it never had before, and can make predictions impossible in the past.

I am going with the near unanimous opinion of the scientists, rather than the politicians and novelists. There would not even be a debate if environmental science had not advanced greatly during the past 50 years, for nobody would rigorously know about the past.


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