Sunday, August 27, 2006

If talking tough won wars, nobody would ever lose

The radical right wing continues to call for a full scale war with Iran. The possibility raises some interesting questions.

With our finest troops participating in the Iraq Occupation, plus the need to recall inactive reserve Marines to active duty to fill open slots, who is going to fight in the Iran War? President Bush has not made a call to the able bodied to enlist. That would sound a note desperation he does not want anyone to hear just before Congressional Elections.

Who will pay for the next large scale military adventure? Oh well, what's another trillion dollars worth of debt between friendly generations?

What is the straight skinny on Iran's nuclear program? Iran has done a lot of posturing, but what do they really have and where is it at? The Bush Administration does not have an attractive track record when it comes to assessing WMD, so one wonders how many troopers will need to roam around a big and hostile country like Iran to find those weapons.

How will an Iran War be viewed by folks in the Middle East such as the Shiite militias in Iraq? Will they take the opportunity to wage all out war with Iraq Occupation forces? And what about other folks around the world? The coalition of those willing to fight, even in the US, is not all that large.

You can see why some conservatives have grown frustrated with the Bush Administration's fixation with Iraq. Despite the tough talk from the radical right, the options don't look very handsome.


At 10:21 AM, Blogger -epm said...

Bush is flailing about in the water and calling it swimming. His Field of Dreams approach to reality ("if you believe it, it is true") has caused a sea change in world affairs, making the the world a momumentally more unstable place for generations to come. Future administrations will be left with the task of doing the real work of putting the terror genie back in the bottle and rebuilding American morality and credibility abroad.

Whatever the real state of nuclear development in Iran, it really doesn't matter. It simply doesn't factor into Bush's foreign policy calculus. All that matters is what Bush believes about Iran.

At 1:55 PM, Blogger Lynn said...


The military posturing seems a rather empty exercise. I think you can look at a few basic facts, such as Americans' unwillingness to fight in and pay for these wars, and see that the United States is not united behind President Bush about these wars. It all looks pretty simple when one believes wars can be fought from the air by precision guided bombs. But that won't get the job done if indeed President Bush wants to fight in Iran.


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