Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Where's Big Mo? The Cubs, the White Sox, and Iraq

I have been wagering on Cubs and White Sox baseball everyday, and I am doing well. I usually do not do well when it comes to betting on baseball. However, the Cubs are hot and the White Sox cannot hit and have a, sorry to say, terrible bullpen. The White Sox built an early 11-2 lead in last night’s game, and then held on to win 11-10.

In a way, I am going with the momentum—parlay the Cubs to win with the White Sox to lose and make straight wagers on the Cubs to win and the White Sox to lose—most of the time. I have no qualms about betting against either team, but the Cubs are difficult to bet against right now. Those three bets even work as a kind of hedge since I only crap out if the Cubs and White Sox both lose.

I am riding the Big Mo on Chicago baseball.

So where is Big Mo at in the Iraq Occupation? After over four years of the US rolling the dice, the dice have crapped out each roll. One might suppose the dice are loaded. The US cannot win the game.

The very situation the US military presence is supposed to correct creates the condition for failure. Al Qaeda fighters stream into the country because that is the easiest place to kill the US military. Terrorist leaders could not have asked for any better situation than the Iraq Occupation.

It is time to get some new dice, or quit the game. Of course, most people have already quit the game. Either you are against the occupation, or you vociferously support it right up until you have to go to the recruiting station and enlist to fight in it, or you have to open your wallet and pay for it.

Meanwhile, President Bush and a few cronies hold the American and Iraqi people hostage. No amount of losses and failure fazes them. Not only is Iraq a sham democracy, but the US is also.

No wins will arise from the Iraq Occupation game under the current rules. That is as nonpartisan recognition as it gets, for we have stupid people fighting the so-called war on terror. They do not even know al-Qaeda has picked their pockets. Hell, I could be a conservative Republican and make the same claim in good conscience.


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