Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Republican Filibuster: applying more lipstick to the pig

I had every intention of getting a good night’s sleep the other night after having made yet another late night of it the day before. I made the mistake of tuning into the Republican filibuster debate in the Senate, which kept me up most of the night and held my attention in the morning.

I particularly enjoyed Senator McCain’s candidness. He recognizes that the majority of the American people want a withdrawal from Iraq, but he cannot side with them. He knows history will vindicate decisions to keep on going the way we have. You see, he has an elite mind, a mind so penetrating you have no need of a crystal ball when predicting the future of Iraq. Trust the few elite minds such as his to stay the course without amendment and everything will turn out right someday.

Let’s face it, the unmitigated disaster known as the Iraq Occupation arose from the thinking of elite minds such as Senator McCain’s. You can put as much lipstick on the pig as you please, but the pig, Senator McCain’s elitism, is still a pig.

I thought the Republican filibuster was a rousing success for opponents of the Iraq Occupation. Republicans were never able to point to one substantive improvement in Iraq. The Democrats forced Republicans to go on record with tired old phrases such as “cut and run,” at which point the Democrats called them on it to Republican embarrassment.

Then we got Senator McCain’s wonderful statement as to his elitist ability to understand historical inevitability. All this from a man who helped architect and support the debacle has me laughing.

I saw the best-damned TV show so far this year.


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