Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I went to the White Sox home opener yesterday. The Sox lost to Cleveland 12-5. I do not have the emotional investment in the White Sox that real White Sox fans have because I am life-long Cubs fan. I like them and wish them well as long as it is not at the expense of the Cubs.

The Cubs lost in Cincinnati 5-1. Spring has truly arrived. I am glad of that.

I jumped into the lead of my fantasy league after yesterday’s games. Even though it is only one day, I find it gratifying. I’m the league commissioner, which means I am still trying to fix the glitches after our draft.

I’m going to Milwaukee for a game on Wednesday.

I am currently reading Sam Walker’s Fantasyland, his story about participating the world’s toughest fantasy baseball league. So far, it is an excellent read for a fantasy baseball player, and there are millions of those.

I bet the Cubs and White Sox to win the World Series in the futures betting.

All of that is a preamble. Baseball is still my favorite sport. I grew up in the era when all the other sports were not the big deal they are now. I suppose that accounts for my continued interest.

They play baseball everyday. I always have something to look forward. Everyone should have something to excite his or her interest each day. The first thing I do when I wake up is review my fantasy results and set my lineup for the day. It does not take long most days except those when a player goes on the Disabled List or when I need to dump a poor performing player.

After that, I have to do some writing of some sort. I have to because I do not feel right all day long when I do not. It’s as if some part of me is empty.

That leads me to wonder what is more trivial: writing that goes nowhere or following baseball. I suspect qualitatively they are on a par with each other. I do what I do without much reflection anymore. I need a couple of things in my life that remain as constant as the thunderstorm passing through the city. I do not feel as if I live in a fantasy world. The whole thing seems concrete, something graspable, and worthy.

This blog seems worthy even though I have botched it badly.


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