Saturday, April 14, 2007

Romance and Accessibility

I simply have to think aloud about her. Sorry, but that is it.

I spent a long time meditating on what first attracted me to her after knowing her for years and not caring at all. After I recently took some random photographs of her, I realized that her smile and eyes did the job. She is very photogenic. Her smile adds new meaning to “light up the room.”

It has to be more than that. Something lies beneath the pure sexual arousal she stirs. If I could take a few photographs of that, I might discover it if I studied enough.

I wish I could figure out why I am letting her do this strange and wild thing to me even though I know it is futile. I suppose it does not matter. Someone else will pass into view. Then I’ll pursue the next new thing. That’s me—the child who lives for the moment.

Somebody accessible better come along soon before I go crazy thinking about her.


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