Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

The holiday has so far gone as planned. I traveled to Iowa on Wednesday and arrived just before sunset. Traffic was light when I left. I made it past the Aurora tollbooth on Interstate 88 in less than an hour. The air was warm and the sun was out. All of the summer’s road construction was complete. The bridge on Highway 30 crossing the Mississippi at Clinton was open again, so I did not detour north to the next bridge. I made it to my sister’s house in Iowa in time to watch the sunset from one of her porches. After that, I worked on Jordon’s, my nephew’s girlfriend, computer trying to find the last of the malware that infected it. I do not know if I entirely succeeded.

I spectacularly blew my diet yesterday at my sisters. The food is always too good not to try one of everything. I topped it off with a piece of pie I really did not need in the evening.

I visited my stepfather. My stepfather appears to be doing well enough given the recent infections in his feet brought on by his diabetes and inactivity. He and I watched a Doris Day and Rock Hudson movie together. It is the one where Rock Hudson is the playboy, advertising executive and Doris Day is his hard working and hard charging rival at another advertising agency. I had forgotten how funny the movie was.

Then I visited friends for a while.

I will travel back to Chicago during the daylight. The forecast predicts another warm and sunny day. I will stop short in the suburbs and spend the evening watching TV (Battlestar Gallactica), reading, and listening to the quiet. Then I will make the last of the drive downtown when all the shoppers are off the road.

Life will most likely go on as normal, although I vow to manage my time and affairs better.

I have a free continental breakfast at a restaurant this morning. I should pack and hit the road so I do not miss it.


At 1:09 AM, Blogger Renegade Eye said...

Sounds great actually.

At 3:56 AM, Blogger Lynn said...

renegade eye -

Thanks, it was great. I hope you had a good holiday too.


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