Saturday, November 18, 2006

Just another night on the other side of life

I was not out very long tonight before I met the perfect woman: about my age, attractive, and totally smashed.

She took me to her hotel room. Now, I am home before the sun has come up.

We are supposed to do something tonight, but I know I will never see her again.

Oh well, she is on one of my lists. I hope I make it onto one of her good lists one day.

Why I am telling you all this shit, I do not know.


At 9:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why I am telling you all this shit, I do not know.

Well, Lynn, you know the answer, don't you - really?

It saddens me that you obviously feel such loneliness and despair. Now, that happens to the best of us and very few are exempt, but - without delving into psycho-babble - I wonder if the best strategy for meeting other people (women) is to pick up the most smashed of them in a bar.

Just saying.

You will return to the beauty of poetry and the delight of philosophy.

My best wishes to you,

Orla Schantz


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