Friday, October 06, 2006

Congress finds another way to pave the road to heaven

Congress in its infinite goodness and wisdom has passed a law banning US financial companies from participating in financial transactions involving Internet gambling. This sent share prices of publicly traded online betting companies tumbling.

Of course, all the forms of betting in the US remain untouched. You cannot go wrong by betting on who is greasing whose palms in Congress. Morality always has a dollar sign when it comes to these folks.

As an Internet gambler who likes to bet a few bucks every now then on sports, I am glad they have relieved me of this terrible burden and paved my way to heaven. All I have to do next is begin believing in god.

Congress does not seem to realize that all a person needs to do to continue gambling online is open up an account at a foreign financial institution that is not subject to US financial laws. You can do it in about two minutes on the Internet. Whenever Congress attempts to improve morals, they always paint stupid in big bold letters across their foreheads. They could have done something like collect taxes on Internet gambling which would be a disincentive to gamble, plus they would have added some much needed revenue to the Federal finances after passing extravagant giveaway programs to the rich and the lobbyists. However, morals and principles are what count with Congress—somebody else’s morals, not theirs.

You might think they would have bigger fish to fry such as cleaning up the mess they created in Iraq. However, these folks do not waste their time on trivial matters such as life and death unless it is someone who is unborn or already dead. The low esteem and contempt in which the public holds them does not embarrass them, but why should it? Heads they win, tails they win. They always pass their risk on to someone else.

There is a sucker born every minute and they are not all are gambling on the Internet.


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