Monday, September 25, 2006

A punch in the nose

I enjoyed this clip of President Clinton’s interview with Wallace on Fox News.

In grand Fox News style, Wallace led with a long preamble and question about bin Laden and terrorism designed to embarrass Clinton. Clinton then got totally in his face and set the record straight. My favorite line from Clinton was, “yes, I failed to get bin Laden, but at least I tried.”

I always enjoy it when a wannabe tough guy Fox News broadcaster gets punched in the nose and slinks away. Maybe, they can hire a real tough guy in 2009—President Bush. He would be perfect for it. He can continue reading the script off the teleprompter.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not calling Fox News broadcasters a bunch of sissies. By the way, how is President Bush doing in the hunt for bin Laden? Fox News never reports on it.

I have always been mystified at the radical right’s attitude toward liberals. They do not hesitate to call them appeasers and cowards, yet when a so-called liberal such as Clinton gets in their face they call him belligerent and angry, which is the image I thought all the radical right tried to cultivate. The inconsistency seems blatant.

The irony is that calling Clinton a leftist creates the ultimate straw man.


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