Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Good luck with your bogus intelligence information

Many have discussed torture regarding its moral reprehensibility, as well they should. Torture is also a lousy way to obtain accurate and actionable intelligence. The tortured, either because they no longer want to endure the physical pain or are mentally undone, will say about anything to avoid more torture. Experienced interrogators know and tell us this.

That is why the rush by Congress to pass a torture bill before they recess for the fall elections seems so macabre. They know the positions taken by experienced intelligence experts against torture as a means of gathering meaningful intelligence. They know the position of military attorneys against what is contained in the bill. Yet they persist against expert and world opinion.

Their cynicism, just to gain a few votes, is downright creepy. There can be no doubt about the shallow group of folks Americans have elected to administer the nation’s business. If we cannot trust them to do the right thing on something this easy and basic, then with what can we trust them?


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