Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Boat Ride

I went on a boat ride tonight--one of those cruises taking you up and down the branches of the Chicago River. The scenery consists of tall office and condominium buildings built along the river. You get some good skyline shots of Chicago too. Chicago has a nice skyline, a thing that endears the city to me. After the river cruise, we went out on the lake and watched the Navy Pier fireworks.

This was the second annual "booze cruise." The guy who sponsors the boat trip started it last year in celebration of his 50th birthday. After the boat ride, some of us went to the local bar where we all originally got to know one another. The bar was very crowded with Cardinals' baseball fans and other folks in town to see the water and air show.

I distanced myself from the folks on the boat ride once we got to the bar. I think the fireworks made me melancholy.


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