Saturday, March 18, 2006

Times Change

The Everton vs. Aston Villa game is over, the Warburg vs. Hamburg match now plays on TV, and the Birmingham vs. Tottenham match is coming up on TV in a few minutes; three ESPN Gamecast computer screens are open to the Arsenal vs. Charlton, West Brom vs. Man. U., and Bolton vs. Sunderland matches—all of which I have wagered on and apparently won; the NCAA Wrestling Tournament plays on another computer screen; the NCAA basketball tournament is starting, and the college wrestling finals will be played later on TV; my sport radio is dialed into Saturday morning flashback on WXRT (year 1971) with Bob Dylan playing my favorite of his: Watching the River Flow; I am in heaven.

We didn’t have this kind of stuff back when I was young. You didn’t even see an NCAA basketball tournament game until the final game. If you were lucky and the wrestling tournament was held in Iowa, you could listen to the finals on the radio. They showed the England vs. Germany World Cup final back in ’66 (the match that got me interested in soccer), but that was the only match.

Times have changed for the better for sports fans such as me.


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