Sunday, March 12, 2006

The chilling breath of Fascism

This is why those of us whom have refrained from using the word Fascist for the tactics of the Bush Administration often wind up looking like fools. Read Deputies' Questions Unsettle University in the LA Times. The story is causing a stir, as well it should. Of course, those who don't care about their freedom should go to for a completely fictitious account of what is happening in America.
A Pomona College professor of Latin American history said Friday that he was questioned about his Venezuela connections by two Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies working for a federal task force and called the quizzing an intrusion on his academic freedom.

The college's president weighed in as well, saying he feared the "chilling effect" such visits could have on academia.

Professor Miguel Tinker-Salas said the deputies entered his office without an appointment Tuesday during hours normally set aside for student conferences. He said the deputies were there for about 25 minutes and asked him about the Venezuelan community and his relationship with it. They also told him he was not the subject of an investigation (a patent lie--my words). . .

Tinker-Salas figured in a Christian Science Monitor story last month dealing with whether Iran and Venezuela could forge a political counterweight to U.S. power. He said the detectives questioned him on subjects that easily could have been answered elsewhere.

Tinker-Salas said the deputies also questioned waiting students about him and examined cartoons on his office door.

"They asked them about my classes," he said. "My students were intimidated."

Read the whole thing. It's short.

Think it cannot happen to you? Think again.

Those who do not care about the freedom of expression for others deserve everyone's complete and sincerest apathy should they lose theirs.


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