Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hook 'Em Cubs!

Dear Everybody,

You can probably imagine where my head is at today. The Cubs are playing the Milwaukee Brewers for first place in the NL Central division. The Cubs won last night; I have a solo ticket for tonight’s game--so I’m totally stoked. As you read here earlier this year, I wrote the Cubs off in May. I forgot you don’t need to have a very good record to win the NL Central division. Anyway, I have won some good whip out cash betting on the Cubs this summer.

This year or next year is my 50th anniversary of being a Cubs fan. (Memory fails.) As you sports fans well know, I have yet to see them make the World Series. At my advanced age and with my very unhealthy life style I worry about ever seeing them become the champs. I have been very lucky all my life, but if things turn toward the worse, I’ll probably die the day before they win the World Series.

The European football season is well underway. The American football season starts soon. Lot’s of good wagering is left to be done before the year is out.

Gotta get back to writing my memoirs. Take care!




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