Friday, June 08, 2007

Israel vs. Palestine: do not take sides

I have changed my opinion about the US involving itself in the Israel/Palestine conflict, even the US as negotiator. Let’s face it, a significant part of the conflict arises from lethal religious extremism. Religious moderates cannot or will not reign in the excesses of their brethren. To the outsider, it seems as though the devout prefer violence and death rather than any critique of the religious origins of the conflict.

Let the religious extremists have it out for the last time. If the moderate religious apologists are victims of the conflict, that is their problem for not asserting their rights and power as the reasonable majority of opinion.

The worst thing anyone can do is take sides in the conflict. Of course, extremists will. For the rest of us, apathy is our best weapon. No one will persuade religious extremists and their apologists by critical argument or negotiation. Let them reap what they plant. Do not shed a tear for any extremist or their apologist lest they feel you sympathize with them.


At 12:10 PM, Blogger red collar said...

Are you kidding?

When have you seen a bully stop bullying because you ignored him?

When have terrorists gone home because they didn't get attention.

How the heck does APATHY solve anything?

No. Uhuh. No way. I see that you prefer to stay at home, hidden under your bed because you don't have the courage to face the bully.

Bullies don't leave until they get what they want. If you stand tall and face them, they'll find another weak victim to pick on.

Right now, you are that weak victim. Good for you, you got exactly what you worked for...

At 12:36 PM, Blogger Lynn said...

red collar,

As a religious skeptic, I take no sides with Christian, Jewish, and Muslim extremists. Religious extremists from all three religions have fueled the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with their murderous bigotry and hatred.

As far as terrorism goes, all religions possess their extremists whose method is to bully and murder. I oppose all religious extremism no matter what religion from whence it arises. It is foolishness to ally with any of them. I no longer care if they kill each other and their respective apologists.

Allying oneself with any one group of religious extremists is not fighting terrorism. Fighting them all is fighting terrorism.


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