Sunday, March 04, 2007

Art Versus Religion

Renegade Eye points to the furor caused by the University of Minnesota’s production of Dario Fo’s The Pope and the Witch.

In Minnesota a big discussion is going on about a play opeming at the Rarig Theater, at the University of Minnesota. Theater openings at schools, are not usually mentioned in any media. When the might of the Catholic Church, tries to shut down a show, the media takes notice.

This blog has always supported the right to ridicule a religion, without repressive repercusions (hello Maryam). I'm happy to see director Robert Rosen, not backing down, despite pressure. The play has been picketed by seminarian students, while Catholic leaders, have been pressuring the University to close the play. A forum sponsored by the university will take place this week, to discuss the issues raised. Catholic leaders don't believe, the issues are debatable.

I join Renegade Eye in appreciation that the university administration is not backing down.

The Catholic Church or any other religious organization does not have any privileged position regarding the production of art. In fact, I have zero tolerance for their intolerance.

To the thin-skinned religious folks, I say tough. Deal with it just as I deal with the daily silliness coming from the so-called religious.

I cross the border from passive atheist to militant atheist when these sorts of issues arise. I wonder if it is better to remain militant rather than a fool who too often excuses religious belief that leads to this intolerance.


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