Monday, February 26, 2007

Blog Evolution

Curtis at Empty Rhetoric, a special blogging friend, has some interesting thoughts about how blogs evolve over time, which leads me to the following meditation.

It seems as though my blog has turned more personal than I ever expected. I do not know if this comes from some emotional change or if I have merely disengaged somewhat from things in which I am interested.

If my blog is personal, it is rather bland stuff. I doubt if you can identify me as I really am from my writing even though it would be very easy for you to find my doorstep. That leads to identity issues. I would like to learn to write well enough that you could hear a distinctive voice. I’ll keep trying. However,

You are who you think you ain’t.

From a Los Angeles used car commercial in the late Sixties

I am convinced of the truth of the proposition. I do not know why I remembered it after more than 35 years.

At any rate, I know I like talking to you, Dear Reader

Kiss me once, kiss me twice, come on, Pretty Baby, kiss me deadly.

Lita Ford, Kiss Me Deadly


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