Thursday, August 18, 2005


The demolition crew began leveling the old buildings across the street this week to make way for the new high rise. Each time I glance down into the street I recall the faces of people who worked at the 7 Eleven.

I think of other places long gone such as El Ranchero, the restaurant where I spent Sunday afternoons reworking Euclid’s Elements from my own axiom system. My journal and index cards from that time are still around.

I have a lot of journals and notebooks lying about the place. I must gather them, so that when I become mortally ill, I can throw them away. The thought of throwing them down the garbage chute does not sit well, but I’d rather people not see the paltry makings of my mind. This blog is humbling enough.

I won’t throw away the index cards containing my reworking of Euclid. Let them stand in for me and the place where they were written on solitary Sunday winter afternoons.


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